HANG TIENENDEAVOR2D1NTheHang TienEndeavoris a great combination of jungletrekking, cavingand outdoor camping adventure.As the largest cave in TuLan cave system, Hang Tien is famed forits enormous size and spectacular formations. Our guide will bringyou intothedepths oftheVietnamese jungle where the lost world ofancient rock configurations can be found dripping from the ceilingsand spending a night under a net of a thousand stars is truly aunique chance to enjoy the real wilderness of this country.With formations risinglike a layer cake of rimstone pools and lushferns, Hang Tien, or “Fairy Cave”, is truly a unique specimen.Highlights of the tour include gourpools, magnificent formations ofcaveand caveside waterfalls.You will also explore extraordinary caves, including Hang Tien Cave–famed for its vastness and magnificent formations. You will notmiss the highlight caving activity of the tour–the flying fox.




This is a challenging trek to visit Hang Tien 1 & 2 – two biggest caves of Tu Lan cave system. Hang Tien means Fairy Cave in Vietnamese as it looks otherworldly with an enormous entrance, calcite formations and rock features. The 2 day trek includes 1 night camping by the tranquil springs in the middle of lush jungle.

  • Biggest dry caves in the area
  • Rocky terrain trekking
  • Gorgeous natural pool
  • Tranquil jungle campsite
  • Best stargazing destination
  • Amazing food

1 Day 1 : Phong Nha - Tan Hoa – Cao Quang

1 D ay 2 : Hang Tien 1 - Hang Tien 2 - Tan Hoa - Phong Nha




  • Camping gear: tent, camp light, sleeping bag, mattresses, pillow
  • Caving & safety gear: caving helmet, caving headlight, gloves
  • Light PVC backpack (if you do not want to take your own, as it will get wet)
  • Semi dry bag (for clothing and personal belongings excl. electronics) for inside your backpack
  • Meals: Picnic lunch (Day 1 & 2), Breakfast (Day 2), Dinner (Day 1)
  • Basic canvas trekking boots (only if you do not have your own pair) sizes 36 – 46
  • Professional English-speaking tour guide and guide safety assistant
  • Porter team to carry all camping gear and prepare all meals
  • Shared dry box for phones and small cameras (limited availability for larger cameras)
  • Water filter and purifier (used only by guide and porters)
  • Basic camping facilities with eco-friendly compost toilet using western toilet seat
  • First Aid Kit and Medical Rescue Equipment (application by guides and porters only)
  • Secure Storage Facility at Oxalis Headquarters to store all luggage you will not be taking on the trek


  • 1 long (easy to dry) pants and 1 long sleeved shirt to wear during the trek (quick dry)
  • 1 pair of shorts and t-shirt to wear at campsite plus your swim suit.
  • 1 pair of trekking boots/shoes – difficult terrain, good footwear necessary
  • 1 pair of flip flop (sandals) for campsite
  • 1 medium size towel
  • 1 backpack to hold personal items
  • 2 pair of calf length densely woven socks (not ankle socks!)
  • 1 change of clothes for after the tour
  • 1 pair of calf-length densely woven socks (not ankle socks!)
  • 1 set of camp clothes (shorts are okay for around camp; please bring a fleece in winter)
  • Personal items:mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, camera, underwears, toiletries