TU LANEXPEDITION(4 days 3 nights camping in the jungle andanightat Chay Lap Farmstay)Our Tu Lan Expedition is led by a Vietnamese–Englishspeaking skilled adventure guide, along with a porter teamand cooks made up of local men with many years of jungleexperience.This skills-based caving adventure provides a highlyinformative insight into this unique caving region, hometothemost spectacular caves and jungle of Vietnam!On this tough jungle and cave trek there is plenty to keep yourheart racing with somedarkcave exploring, bouldering,climbing and a lot of swimming through the caves.You will alsoexplore extraordinary caves, including Hang Tien Cave–famed for its vastness and magnificent formations.You will notmiss the highlight caving activity of the tour–the flying fox.Our secluded jungle campsites are spectacular and mostlydifferent from those visited on our shorter treks in the sameregion. Extra lighting will be brought in to provide manychances for epic photography.Within 4 days and 3 nights in the wildandonenightin cozycomfort at Chay Lap Farmstay, our Tu Lan Expedition will takeyou to almost all of the explored caves and jungle in Tu Lanarea and give you a dose of indulgence at our rural retreat. Itwill certainly be anonce-in-a-lifetime experience in the CaveKingdom of Vietnam





This level 5 expedition is one of our most challenging treks. Throughout the four days you will explore numerous caves, both river caves and dry caves; abseil inside Tu Lan Cave down to the underground river; climb plenty of steep hills, and trek through spectacular valleys. All the campsites are different as you move on each day to reach the biggest cave in the system Hang Tien. You will feel a real sense of achievement as you finally reach the road at the end of the fourth day.

  • Fascinating cave formations
  • Underground swimming
  • Abseiling in cave
  • Visit all 10 wet & dry caves
  • Stunning jungle campsites
  • Excellent food
  • Duration: 4 day tour
  • Tour type: Join-in; Private
  • Availability: Jan to Aug;
    Every Thur & Sun
  • Difficulty: Level 5 · Hard
  • Group size: Max 8 people;
    16 + years old
  • Distance: 20km trekking; 5km caving; 1km underground swimming; 900m elevation gain; 10m ladder climb; 15m abseiling

1 Day 1: Phong Nha - Tan Hoa - Secre t Cave - Hung Ton Cave - Tu Lan Campsite - Hang Ken

1 Day 2: Tu Lan - Hang Kim - To Mo - Hung Ton - La Ken – La Ken Campsite

1 Day 3 : Hang Doi - Hung Nhai – Tien Valley - Tien Campsit

1 Day 4: Hang Tien 1 - Hang Tien 2 - Tan Hoa - Chay Lap Farmstay




  • 1 night’s accommodation at Chay Lap Farmstay (single or twin-shared)
  • Camping gear: tent, camp light, sleeping bag, mattresses, pillow
  • Caving & safety gear: caving helmet, life jacket, gloves, safety harness, ropes..
  • Professional caving headlight (Hope Technology headlights – 1500 lumens)
  • Photography lighting supports (Hope Technology – R8 3,000 lumens)
  • Light PVC backpack (if you do not want to take your own, as it will get wet)
  • Dry bag (for clothing and personal belongings excl. electronics)
  • Basic canvas trekking boots (only if you do not have your own pair) sizes 36 – 46
  • Meals: picnic lunch and dinner (day 1, 2, 3 & 4), breakfast (day 2, 3, 4, and departure)
  • Gala dinner on day 4
  • Professional English-speaking tour guide and guide safety assistants
  • Porter team to carry all camping gear and prepare all meals
  • Porter team to carry all your personal belongings to camp
  • Shared dry box for phones and small cameras (limited availability for larger cameras)
  • Water purifier (used only by guide and porters) and water bottle
  • Basic camping facilities with eco-friendly compost toilet using western toilet seat
  • First Aid Kit and Medical Rescue Equipment (application by guides and porters only)
  • Secure Storage Facility at Oxalis Tan Hoa office to store all luggage you will not be taking on the trek
  • Transfer between Chay Lap Farmstay and Dong Hoi city center before and after tour
  • 1 hour complimentary kayaking at Chay Riverside


  • 2 long (easy to dry) pants and 2 long sleeved shirt to wear during the trek (quick dry)
  • 2 pair of shorts and t-shirts to wear at campsite and swim suit
  • 1 pair of trekking boots/shoes – difficult terrain, good footwear necessary. Gore-Tex/waterproof boots are NOT recommended as they do not drain well (if you prefer your own comfortable pair)
  • 1 pair of flip flops (sandals) for campsite
  • 1 medium size towel
  • 3-4 pairs of calf length densely woven socks (not ankle socks!)
  • Anti-fungal foot powder (talcum powder)
  • Personal items: mosquito repellent, sunglasses, hat, camera, underwear, toiletries
  • Shoe pads and thick socks if using Oxalis canvas trekking boots